The Abilisk was an inter-dimensional beast that the Sovereign People hired the Guardians of the Galaxy to destroy and to stop it from feeding on the Anulax batteries.


The Abilisk began feeding off of the Anulax Batteries that were owned by the Sovereign people. Not wanting to risk the lives of their own people, the Sovereign hired the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight it, with the reward of Gamora's adoptive sister, Nebula.

The beast attacked when Peter, Rocket and Drax were arguing about their situation with Quill's music. The Guardians proceeded in setting up a trap, knowing it would want to eat the batteries some more. Drax, thinking that it was too hard to pierce on the outside, went to be swollowed by it in order to destroy it on the inside. However, in order to save their friend, Rocket and Peter began attacking the creature. It was later killed by Gamora, who used her sword to stop it with Drax falsely believing he destroyed the mighty beast.