I see it within you. An unorthodox genealogy that seems particularly...reckless
— Ayesha insulting Peter

Ayesha is the main (later secondary) antagonist of the 2017 film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Ayesha is the leader of the Sovereign people and plans to "clense" the galaxy from fear and jealousy and determined to prove she and the otehr Sovereign are superior to other races.


Personality Edit

Like all the Sovereign people, Ayesha is arrogant and a xenophobic.

She believed the Sovereign were superior to other races. However, she is shown to have been grateful to her allies, shown when she thanked the Guardians for putting their lives on the line to save their world from the Abilisk. She appeared to have a crush on Peter Quill, as she talked indirectly of having sex with him, but disguised this by saying she wanted to learn for "academic purposes" only. However, Ayesha no longer takes high regard of her allies if they betray her. She also is prone to go on mental rampages when she doesn't get it her way. When the Guardians had wiped out their entire fleet, she was shown to go on rampage when they lost the battle twice.

She is also easily offended, as shown in the junior novel, where she gets mad that Peter just says she "looks nice" and he quickly has to add that she looks beautiful. Also, Ayesha appears to not trust the right people, as she hired the Guardians, whose member Rocket Raccoon stole her batteries and insulted their culture and wanting Yondu Udonta to bring her Peter Quill and his comrades. However, she was probably unaware of Yondu's fondness for the boy.

Ayesha is also protective of her culture and the batteries, as she told the Guardians to "do with [Nebula] as [they] pleased", showing little to no concern what happens to thsoe who try to steal from her.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ayesha is a woman with gold skin and yellow eyes. She usually dressed in fine clothing, which was mostly gold. One of her out fits was gold with white fur.

Her sclera (or the white part of a human eye) is a yellowish color.

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