Battle of Xndar

Battle of Xandar is an event that occured in Guardians of the Galaxy and was mentiond in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Prelude Edit

The Kree Empire-Nova Empire War  came to an end after one thousand years of fighting. However, most people protested when the treaty between the Kree and Nova Empires leaders was signed. Egotistic Ronan the Accuser wished to avenge his family of eternal suffering of killings and wanted to wipe out Xandarian culture, along with their allies. He made an alliance with the dark lord, Thanos to obtain an orb containing na Infinity Stone.  

The newly-formed Guardians of the Galaxy (excluding Drax the Destroyer) learned from the Collector that the orb contained an Infinity Stone. At that moment the Guardians are confronted by Ronan the Accuser, who was contacted by the Destroyer as soon as they were going to give the stone to Nova Corps. Gamora took the stone and planned on escaping via the Milano. However, Nebula ended up retrieving the orb. After the attack on Gamora, she and Peter were abducted by the latter's former mentor Yondu Udonta.  Nebula gave it to Ronan, who now knew of its true potential. He went forward with his plan to destroy Xandarians, but not before threatening to come after Thanos.