Fare thee well, old friend.
— Charlie 27 to Yondu Udonta

Charlie 27 is a leader of a Ravager faction and a member of Stakar Ogord's original Ravager team.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Charlie-27 originally was friends with Yondu Udonta before he betrayed the Ravager Code by trafficking children and keeping one of the children he collected and raised as his own.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Edit

Reuniting the team Edit

Yondu's funeral Edit

Twenty-six years later, Yondu died after protecting his son, Peter Quill and Charlie-27 attended his funeral, while also giving him a fond farewell.

The Team's back together Edit

In honor of their late friend, Stakar Ogord re-assembled their original team with them going on adventures and to go "steal some [stuff]."

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