Drax had a close relationship with his parents. Every year his father would tell stories of how he had impregnated Drax's mother every winter solstice. According to Drax, he strangely found the story beautiful.

Friends and Allies Edit

"Nobody talks to my friends like that."
―Drax after shooting Nebula[src]

Peter Quill Edit

"You, Quill, are my friend."
―Drax to Peter[src]

Peter and Drax met first in the Kyln in the first film, where Star-Lord convinced Drax to spare Gamora's life if he wanted to kill Ronan.

By the Battle of Xandar, Drax considered Quill his friend.

It is revealed in dialogue in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that Peter doesn't normally side with Drax, but did during their battle with the Abilisk and agreed that Rocket shouldn't be hot-wiring the speaker so they could listen to tunes. During their time on Berhert, Drax actually believed that Yondu was Peter's biological father rather than his adoptive one.

Drax later helps rescue Peter from Ego and helps him grieve for the death of his true father, Yondu Udonta

Gamora Edit

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"This green whore, she too..
"Oh you must stop!
―Drax and Gamora[src]
To say the least, Gamora and Drax didn't get along at first. In fact, Drax just saw her as an associate of Ronan and tried to kill her. However, he only spared her when Peter Quill convinced him that keeping Gamora alive would only lead Ronan to Drax, which would give him the opertunity to kill Ronan.

However, after foolishly calling Ronan to face the entire army and getting Quill and Gamora captured, Drax buries the hatchet with Gamora and considers her his friend. However, during their invasion on the Dark Aster, he still called her a "green whore".

By Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, they are closer in the second film, no longer killing each other, and consider each other family instead of friends.


Drax first met Groot in the Kyln, but Groot and him didn't get a long. When they were on Knowhere, Groot was defending Rocket from Drax. However, Groot later saves him from drowning and is upset that Rocket was soiling Drax's deceased wife and daughter but they stick together in order to save Peter and Gamora.