Korath the Pursuer is a minor supporting character in Guardians of the Galaxy


Early LifeEdit

Korath the Pursuer was trained by Thanos and raised alongside Gamora and Nebula as siblings and became a servant to Ronan the Accuser. 


Under his orders, Korath goes to the abandoned planet of Morag, with a group of Sakaarans with him. However, he found it being stolen by Peter Quill, a Ravager who was raised by Yondu Udonta. Korath demanded to know how Peter knew of this object, but the latter of the two lies and says he's just a junker (but in reality was a Ravager). Peter later escaped. Korath reported his failure to Ronan and told the Kree master of how they failed the mission.

Betraying ThanosEdit

Korath was later present when Ronan betrayed Thanos by putting the purple Infinity Stone into his Cosmic-Rod, and followed Ronan to destroy Xandar.

Battle of XandarEdit

During the battle, he is killed by Drax and his allies killed later.


  • Korath was the first person to ever get Peter's alias as "Star-Lord" during the Battle on Xandar correct, while other people call him "Quill" or "Peter".