"I didn't mean to lead a mutiny. They killed all my friends."
―Kraglin apologizing to Yondu Udonta[src]
Kraglin Obfonteri is one of the minor characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and a main character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He is the late Yondu Udonta's loyal First Mate and old rival (later friend) of Yondu's adoptive son, Peter Quill.

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Kraglin witnessed Yondu fighting with his old mentor, Stakar Ogord and had silently agreed with Taserface that Yondu was going soft. The group was later approached by Ayesha, the leader of the Sovereign People, who wanted the guardians alive so she could kill them herself. Kraglin, along with the rest of their crew, had found the Milano on Berhert being repaired by Quill's friend and companion, Rocket Raccoon. While having his fun by levitating a few of Yondu's men and later shocking each other and knocking people out with darts, Udonta had been able to make Rocket stop by having his Yaka arrow point at the raccoon. He told Rocket that Ayesha wanted them dead for stealing their Anulax Batteries, but instead was going to sell the batteries himself. However, Kraglin points out that it wasn't right to do this all, and points out that no matter how many times Peter betrayed them, Yondu still protected him like the rest of them didn't matter. Unintentionally, Kraglin started a mutiny and sided with Taserface.

However, Kraglin later regretted starting the mutiny after the other friends of his and teammates were killed by thrown out of air-lock. Instead, after helping Nebula get off of their ship, he helped Groot find the Yaka Arrow Controller.

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