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The Dey family are a family of Xandarians. Rhomann Dey is from this family and has a wife and daughter.


  • Rhomann Dey
  • Rhomann Dey's Wife
  • Rhomann Dey's Daughter

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Rhomann Dey

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Obfonteri familyEdit

The Obfonteri family are a family of Xandarians. A most notable (and only known) member is Kraglin Obfonteri, who was the First Mate of the late Yondu Udonta and (former) rival and (current First Mate) of Peter Quill.

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Quill familyEdit

The Quill family are a family of humans who reside on Earth. They are Peter 's maternal family


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Unknown Xandarian
Unknown Xandarian
Unnamed woman
Mr. Quill
Unidentified brotherMeredith Quill
Peter Quill
(adopted by
the Udonta family)

Udonta familyEdit

The Udonta family were a family of Centaurians (later humans). Their prominent members include Yondu Udonta and his adopted son, Peter Quill

While the line ceased to exist through Yondu became extinct, it still lived through Peter


Others (not pictured):

  • Yondu Udonta's father
  • Yondu Udonta's Mother