The Udonta famliy were a family of Centaurians (later humans) through Yondu adopting Peter Quill. The family still exists through Peter Quill, Yondu's adopted son.


Two of the members of the family were slave traders who sold their son into slavery. Yondu grew embittered through most of his life.

Members Edit

  • Yondu Udonta's father: Yondu's father sold his son to the Kree Empire.
  • Yondu Udonta's Mother: She sold him to the Kree Empire for money
  • Yondu Udonta: As a baby, Yondu's parents sold him to the Kree Empire as an Imperial Battle slave. However, he was freed by a man named Stakar Ogord and became captain of one of the one hundred Ravager clans. Yondu broke the code by dealing in children of Ego the Living Planet. However, he kept one boy named Peter as his own son. Died in the vacuum of space for his love of Peter after giving his son the last spacesuit.
  • Peter Quill: adopted as Yondu's son. The former kept Peter in order to protect him from Ego and anyone else who would have done him harm.

Family TreeEdit

Unidentified female
Unidentified male
Yondu UdontaMeredith Quill
Ego the Living
Peter Quill